The Body is a Gateway to Our Deepest Nature

Our inner world is hidden to us, but it can be revealed. Our physical bodies deliver subconscious messages to us if we know how to ask in the right way and how to read the signs.

The Body Communicates to Us if We Ask and Listen

When introspecting through the body, people often begin by choosing an intention for their introspection. Perhaps there is a particular physical, emotional, or spiritual experience you want to look into more deeply. Once you choose your focus, you are guided to connect with the physical manifestation of that experience. For example, someone may notice a warm and glowing feeling in the center of their chest when they recall a blissful moment they had in nature. Once they get a sense for the qualities of that sensation, they simply feel into it, allowing it to be there, and notice if any images, words, or other symbols arise.

Messages Come Through From Beyond Our Conscious Awareness

Communications arise through connecting with the body. These messages are in the metaphorical and mythical language of the deeper parts of the mind. They come to you in the form of words, phrases, movements, images, and other forms as well such as smell and taste. Once you receive a symbol, you check-in to make sure it resonates with that physical sensation you were feeling into. If it matches up, you can begin to relate to this symbol—having a literal or energetic conversation with it—and its encoded meaning begins to emerge. When the meaning of the symbol emerges, it often has the feeling of truth, “aha,” and the sense of things falling into place. The physical sensation which you started with now feels different, it has shifted.

The Body is a Veil

The body is the interface between who we think we are and what lies beyond our ordinary mind. It is a veil that mediates between our conscious awareness and what lies beyond our own perceptions. The Kabbalists speak of livushin, the “clothing” or “garments” of Deep Reality. It is said that this veil is there in order for us to exist and not be overwhelmed.

In our own minds, there are elements which are hidden from us for a good reason. If we were to realize our true nature all at once, our current sense of self would be shattered and it may be hard to recover. That is why we have an intermediary between these worlds.

Tuning into your body to communicate between these two worlds, with the help of a Somatic Spiritual Guide, allows you to tap into your inner wisdom and your own natural transformative process in a grounded and integrated way.