Your Body Speaks, This is How to Listen

Free monthly live webinar: the perfect combination of introduction and deepening for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

This month’s theme:

Date: September 13
Time: 6-7pm PST
Location: Zoom

Recordings available if you can’t join me live
Join me, Rabbi Matthew Ponak, for my FREE live webinar to experience grounded spiritual practice that will help you learn how to manifest your unique calling.

This is a totally free, exciting, and thorough dive into Somatic Spirituality with an experienced guide and rabbi working to integrate spirituality with embodiment.

Do you want to learn how to reclaim the wisdom of your body?

Do you feel…..

  • Like you know your body holds keys to locks that you want to open, but you don’t know how to do it?
  • Confused by the buzz around “listening to the body” and want a clear explanation and experience of what it means to actually hear your body’s wisdom?
  • That you need a new approach to understanding yourself and that this body-centered stuff could just be it?
  • That you have known for a long time or are just realizing that your body is a huge part of how you will grow and live your best life and now you are ready to work with your body in a new way?
  • Sick of head-centered, logical, analytical approaches to life?
  • Like it is time to bring more balance between your mind and body and you are ready to be the change you want to see in this world?
  • Ready to be part of the swell of body-centered wisdom arising in humanity?
    That your emotions might overwhelm you if you don’t approach them with a tried and true technique for understanding their gifts?
  • Like there has to be a better way to heal the body-mind than using only the mind?
  • Like talk therapy is only one piece of the puzzle, but not the whole solution?

If this sounds like you, we have the tools to take you on the next steps of your journey…

The clear and simple techniques you’ll discover within these webinars will allow you to detach from the realm of pure cognition and sink into your body to hold space for the wealth of insights and discoveries that are waiting to be found within you.

Accessing and acting on your body’s wisdom is life-affirming!

This unique combination of intellectual framework and experiential opportunity will give you tools to reunite you with the hidden treasure inside of you. And once you’ve uncovered it, you can access it whenever you wish.

After all, it is yours!

What to expect from the free live webinar

  • You will gain a strong foundation in Somatic Spirituality that you can build upon
  • Come with questions! You will have a chance to ask me anything you want about the path of spiritual embodiment
  • You will be held within a non-judgemental space that will enable you to sink into deep listening to your body.
  • You will learn tools to help you make life decisions you can fully get behind

  • You will have the key to a more wholehearted experience of being in your own skin
  • You will have a new friend: your own body!
  • You will have access to an ever-giving wellspring of wisdom and insight that is uniquely your own. 
  • You can live your ideals- or understand what is blocking you from doing so. 
  • Your relationships, both intimate and casual, will benefit from your increased understanding of yourself
  • You don’t need to be afraid of anything that arises within you. You know you have the tools to learn from it. 

“Rabbi Ponak is a deeply empathic, intuitive, and creative healer. My sessions with him brought me back to a relationship with my body that was soothing and grounding.”

Rabbi Moshe Givental

Are you feeling called to join me for a unique glimpse into how to reclaim the wisdom of your body?