Gematria Readings

Gematria Readings (Hebrew Numerology)

Gematria is an intuitive practice based on Hebrew letters and numbers. A gematria reading starts with a meaningful number or word you have pre-chosen. This can be your age, birthday, a lucky number, or anything else you want to look at. Then, using the tools of Gematria, Rabbi Matthew brings corresponding words, imagery, and symbols for you to consider.

Gematria readings make great presents and are well-suited for people at a transition point in their life, such as a birthday or anniversary. 

How Gematria Works

In Hebrew, each letter represents a number. For example, the first letter aleph א, represents the number 1. That means that each word has a numerical value. For example, the word for “love,” ahava אהבה, is equal to the number 13. The word for “one,” eḥad אחד , also equals 13. When two words equal the same number it is believed they have a sacred connection. The experience of love has a lot to do with harmony and oneness.

This system can be applied to any word, number, or area of your life.

Are you interested?

Price: $160 CAD (Approx. $117 USD) for a 30 minute session which includes 30-45 mins of prior research by Rabbi Matthew to prepare for your reading.