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Religion can be like music – you can resonate with multiple genres, change styles over time, and combine forms to make something new that’s never existed before.

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Mekorah Means “Calling”

We feel called to help people connect to their innate wisdom, work through their inner obstacles, and live their potential in the world.

How do we help people embody their potential?

Through Spiritual Counselling and the teachings of Jewish Mysticism we help people of any background reconnect with their innate wisdom in a grounded and emotionally balanced way. 

Are you feeling called to this journey of embodied transformation?

What is Somatic Spirituality and how can it help you?


Somatic Spirituality works on the understanding that your body is a gateway to your unconscious mind. By feeling into your physical sensations you can gain access to your inner dimensions and the important messages they hold about who you are.

This is bodily wisdom.

Somatic Spirituality is an orientation towards personal growth. It is a journey from misalignment to authenticity, harshness to compassion, and doubt to confidence that harnesses this wisdom of the body as its primary vehicle. At Mekorah, we use Somatic Spirituality in our Spiritual Counselling sessions.

Known by many names (including embodiment, body-centered awareness, and somatic self-inquiry), Somatic Spirituality allows practitioners to experience:

  • Their unique path of self-discovery and actualization
  • Impactful physical, emotional, spiritual and mental shifts that lead to ‘a-ha!’ moments
  • A calm perspective towards internal and external realities
  • Expanded consciousness that is grounded and balanced
  • The cultivation and expression of one’s best self

You can gain these benefits while remaining both self-aware and connected to the relationships and responsibilities of everyday life.

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

It is!


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