Upcoming Event

May 16, 2022

Who: You are invited to a Listening Party if you are 18 or older and you love listening and being listened to!

Where: On zoom. Pre-registration required. Sign up now using one of the links below because space is limited.

Why: We want to increase the amount of love and listening in ourselves and the world and have fun!

When: May 16, 2022 at different times throughout the day.


You will receive a link for the Party from zoom after you register.  

1pm EST on May 16, 2022 


6pm EST on May 16, 2022


11:30pm EST on May 16, 2022


What happens at a Listening Party?

The main activity of a Listening Party happens during the Listening Partnership time. 

In a Listening Partnership two people are paired in a breakout room to take equal turns speaking and listening to each other. 

Why do a Listening Partnership?

A Listening Partnership is an affirming and validating experience.

The foundations of a Listening Partnership are full presence, mutual respect, warmth and openness. That’s why they feel so good! 

For more information about Listening Partnerships please click here

On I Love to Listen Day the topic will be “Loving through Listening” and the poem “Today I Will Listen” will be read to set the tone and start the conversation. 

Here is an example of the flow of a 30-minute party:  

Welcome -10 minutes

A short slideshow will be shown while the host gives clear instructions for the Listening Partnerships. 

Listening Partnerships – 15 minutes 

Everyone will be automatically paired into breakout rooms where the Listening Partnerships take place.

Sharing in writing – 5 minutes

Back in the main meeting, everyone shares words and phrases about love and listening by writing them in the chat. What everyone shares will be turned into a co-created collective poem.

  1. Opening – 2 minutes – This is time for saying hello, informal introductions and deciding who will go first based on whose name comes first in alphabetical order.
  2. First person shares – 5 minutes – The topic is love and listening and the person sharing receives undivided attention and listening, whichever kind they ask for, from the listener.
  3. Second person shares – 5 minutes – The roles switch and everything else remains the same.
  4. Closing – 2 minutes – Another time for informal conversation, gratitude and saying goodbye.

If you have questions or want more information please email info@mekorah.com 

Looking forward to meeting you there!